Discussion Post: Contemplating monthly TBR’s 📚

Discussion Post: Contemplating monthly TBR’s 📚

Hello everyone! This post will be short and sweet on why I want to start monthly TBR’s.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about reading certain books I’ve already picked ahead. I’ll be creating monthly TBR’s. I think it would be best to be able to let you guys knows what I’ll be reading! I read primarily adult or YA SFF, I enjoy graphic novels and thrillers.

I’m going to start planning out my TBR’s a ahead of time, based on series I’m reading and unread books on my kindle. I have literally 500+ unread and backlisted/new released books on my kindle. Normally I’m more of a mood reader but I’m wanting to change that.

My goal is going to be to finish any series I’ve started. Which really isn’t too many since I’ve finished them or the series isn’t completed. Then I’ll start working on my Kindle TBR. I prefer to read ebooks on my kindle, I recently got a kindle Oasis and I love it. I still have my Paperwhite but I just decided to treat myself.

I’ve been collecting backlisted and new releases ebooks for awhile. I just recently at the end of 2020 started reading strictly ebooks and not buying physical books as a form of minimalism. I do a lot of reading at night so my kindle has been a great investment.

I think the books I will focus on for the rest of April will be Grey Sister and maybe I’ll start Before the Dil Breaks you again. I’ve picked up the audiobook a couple times but this time I think I’ll pick up the ebook.

I have a few series to finish then so many I want to start. Subscribe to my blog if I’d like to keep up my reading. There will be plenty more to come. Keep reading and dreaming 🌸✨🦋


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